Duration of Internship: August 2023 – October 2023

BSc Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, University of Plymouth (2018-2021)
MSc Marine Conservation, University of Plymouth (2021-2022)

After completing her MSc in Marine Conservation at the University of Plymouth in 2022, Zoë completed marine conservation internships in Central America and Europe. She applied for the internship at MER after hearing about the diversity of the work from other people who had completed the internship. Zoë’s goal was to gain broader knowledge and applicable skills to prepare her for a career in marine conservation.

During her internship in Cyprus, Zoë enthusiastically got involved with a range of field work and laboratory tasks. This included collecting samples and analysing data for ongoing environmental impact assessments of the fisheries around the island, as well as environmental baseline surveys for their potential expansion. She was thrilled to also contribute to research proposals for both organic aquaculture as well as environmental education. She particularly enjoyed the realistic introduction to the world of scientific diving and became confident carrying out data collection tasks under the time pressure of scuba diving. Whilst here, Zoë also used her free time around the internship to make the most of living in Cyprus by completing her PADI Rescue course – a great benefit of doing your placement in the Mediterranean.

Zoë believes that if you really apply yourself to this internship, there will be an immense amount you can achieve and take away from it, and you will leave feeling prepared and confident for the next step in your career.

She states, “I applied for the internship at MER with the hope of gaining a wide variety of experience, after hearing from others who had been. The internship was incredible for this as the whole team at MER were extremely welcoming and made the experience adaptable to accommodate what I most wanted to get out of my time in Cyprus. It was great to be involved with so many interesting projects in a relatively short time, and I particularly enjoyed furthering my experience with scientific diving.