BSc Biology, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom, 2015-2018
MSc Marine Science and Management, University of Sydney, Australia, 2019-2020
PGCert Environmental Management, University of New South Wales, Australia, 2020-2021
PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cyprus, 2021-Present

Sotia Demetriade holds a BSc in Biology (University of Lancaster, United Kingdom) and an MSc in Marine Science and Management (University of Sydney, Australia), with an additional PGCert in Environmental Management (University of New South Wales, Australia). She is also a certified SCUBA diver (PADI Divemaster, PADI Coral Reef Researcher).

Through her bachelor’s degree, she was able to understand the complexity of ecosystems and major environmental issues. Soon after the completion of her BSc, she wanted to deepen her understanding on the complex relationship between ecosystem functions and services with human activities, thereby she was involved in a marine conservation project in Fiji Islands. The project allowed her to identify, collect and record species composition in various reef locations, and contribute to a long-term monitoring database in understanding and developing the appropriate methodologies needed for conservation practice.

Additionally, during her master’s in Australia, she was able to familiarize herself with multidisciplinary issues related with marine conservation, advocating in protecting and preserving these vital ecosystems. Her thesis project at the University of Sydney was focused on the coastal hydrodynamic simulations and sedimentary processes in estuarine beaches, where she experienced the complexity of conservation due to the multiple external factors that can have detrimental impact on the ecosystem and due to the social perspectives affecting, sometimes, the implementation of environmental policies. During her PGCert in Environmental Management, Sotia was able to dive further into the social issues related with conservation practice and policies, and concerns and conflicts between stakeholders, governments and scientists.

Her PhD currently focuses on simulating beach evolution in the vicinity of climate change under different SLR scenarios with the attempt to predict chronic coastal erosion and permanent inundation levels, thereby estimating hazard zones.

Her primary research interests include marine conservation, sustainable development, mitigation of anthropogenic impacts, climate change and its impacts on coastal areas, coastal evolution, hydrodynamic simulations, environmental modelling and restoration of marine habitats.

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