Duration of Internship: February 2019 – May 2019
Funded by ERAMSUS+

B.Sc Environmental Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania (2014-2018)

After graduating her B.Sc degree, Rasa decided to undertake an internship through the Erasmus+ program. Her first destination was CCMAR in Portugal, where she accomplished a two-month internship in an environmental laboratory. After her trip to Portugal, she completed her second part of her internship in MER Lab, Cyprus.

In MER Lab, Rasa worked as a laboratory research assistant. Her main tasks during the internship were macrofauna sorting from offshore sediment samples, working with databases, sampling in salt lakes and coastal areas as well as conducting granulometric analysis. Rasa gained basic taxonomy skills on marine organisms sampled from both coastal and deep sea environments and further disclosed her artistic skills and painted one of MER’s walls as a gift to the lab.

Her internship lasted for three months and overall, she would summarize it as a great experience. Rasa had the opportunity to experience the true nature of a working environment, particularly one associated with marine biology. She learned about both the native and invasive species of the Mediterranean Sea and became acquainted with the human impacts on the marine environment and conservation/mitigation practices.

Rasa is glad for this experience and expresses her sincere gratitude towards the entire MER crew for being so welcoming and creating a warm atmosphere.

Contact at rasa.tverskyte@gmail.com