Publication – Opportunistic seaweeds replace Cystoseira forests on an industrialised coast in Cyprus

A new study of MER was published at the latest issue of Mediterranean Marine Science which deals with the macroalgal community metrics in Vasiliko Bay. Brown algae of the genus Cystoseira, formed dense forests covering rocky substrata on shorelines with limited human access while decreased in abundance around bathing waters and became very rare in heavily industrialised parts of the bay. The Ecological Evaluation Index (EEI-c) was used to reflect anthropogenic stress. Without improved management, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive targets may not be met on some coastlines of Cyprus since seaweed forests are in decline and are further threatened by imminent development.

This work was supported by the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus) and the European Regional Development Fund (grant agreement 609 Medit. Mar. Sci., 19/3, 2018, 598-610 SMEs/Product/ 0609/74).

The publication is open access and you can read the full version at: