Key Services that MER offers include:

  • Consult on environmental legal commitments
  • Design and undertake environmental monitoring programs
  • Design and undertake an EIA study
  • Ecological Assessments
  • Biotope mapping
  • Biological (phytoplankton and zooplankton, macroalgae, seagrass, macrobenthic fauna and other invertebrates, fish, reptile, and mammals) sampling and analysis
  • Physical (such as current, water residence time, temperature, conductivity, pH, redox, granulometry…) and chemical (such as nutrients, organic matter, heavy metals and other pollutants) sampling and analysis
  • Other environmental services


Constructing new port/harbor facilities normally requires ecological impact assessments and marine ecological surveys to be conducted. Surveys are also required prior to dredging activities and disposal of dredged matter. Harbors are also point sources of pollution and environmental monitoring programs should be adopted by authorities and managers.

MER’s team is highly experienced in delivering advice and implementing marine surveys and monitoring, sample analysis and ecological assessments and can offer useful environmental services to port/harbor developers, managers and authorities.