Survey marine environmental baseline conditions prior to the construction of the Blu Marine development subsea drainage pipeline

2 months (November 2021 – December 2021)

Subcontracted by:
I.A.CO. Ltd

Project Description:
The development Blu Marine a tall building constructed near the Limassol Marina. For the project construction a drainage pipe is required for pumping underground water from the site to drain the building foundations. The drained water was planned to be discarded into the Sea via a pipeline extending ~700 m from the shore and to the approximate depth of 8 m.

This study aimed to fulfill part of the conditions that must be met before the construction of the submarine pipeline and specifically to map the baseline condition along the route of the pipeline by sampling water and sediment and performing a range of chemical and biological analyses and assessing the status of the endemic and protected phanerogam Posidonia oceanica (Linnaeus) Delile, 1813, using shoot counts as an evaluation parameter.