Provision of services for monitoring (sampling and observations) in Cyprus’ Lakes (2021-2023). Implementation of Directive 2000/60/EC (Tender YY 01/2021, WDD)

2 years (July 2021– June 2023)

Funded by:
Water Development Department (Republic of Cyprus)

Project Description:
The project “Provision of Services for Monitoring (Sampling and Observations) in Cyprus’ Lakes (2021-2023)” aimed to implement Directive 2000/60/EC for the monitoring and assessment of water quality in Cyprus’ lakes.

The project covered most types of lakes (saltwater and freshwater) of Cyprus, including the Larnaca Salt Lake complex (Main Larnaca Salt Lake, Airport 1 and Airport 2 lakes, Lake Orfani, Lake Soros, Lake Spyros, and Lake Kadir Agar), Lake Oroklini, Lake Paralimni, Salt Lake Akrotiri, and the Fasouri wetland.

Monitoring activities were conducted on a monthly basis over a span of two years, from July 2021 to June 2023. A total of 27 monitoring points were established, out of which 13 points were dedicated to regular sampling of zooplankton, phytoplankton, and macrophytes (where present). These samples were collected for ecological assessments and identification purposes. Additionally, other samples were collected and transferred to laboratories for analysis and assessments of chlorophyll levels, nutritional content, microbiological composition, presence of ecotoxicological substances, and ionic elements. Simultaneously, at all 27 monitoring points, physico-chemical measurements were measured in-situ with instruments, including parameters such as depth, water and air temperature, salinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and turbidity.

The objective of the project was to collect comprehensive data on water quality and ecosystem parameters in Cyprus’ lakes, while ensuring compliance with Directive 2000/60/EC. The acquired information will facilitate the assessment and preservation of these invaluable natural resources, thereby contributing to the effective management and conservation of Cyprus’ lakes.

The contract encompassed two deliverables: a report on the monitoring activities conducted during the first year, and a report on the monitoring activities conducted during the second year. Each report contains detailed information regarding the activities undertaken and the data collected during their respective periods.