Characterization and mapping of marine habitats at the Pissouri Bay

1 month (June 2020)

Funded by:
Pissouri Community Council

Project Description:
The Pissouri Community Council contracted Marine and Environmental Research (MER) Lab to characterise and map the marine habitats of the Pissouri Bay for the proper installation of buoy-based  water trails. The installation area of the the water trails was critical in order to minimize the impacts (e.g. smothering) on priority and sensitive marine habitats, such as the seagrass meadows of the endemic Mediterranean Posidonia oceanica.

During this project, MER carried out an extensive field survey within the Pissouri Bay and identified and mapped priority habitats: reefs with macroalgal communities and Posidonia oceanica meadows, and assessed the impacts that would likely be induced on these in case of improper area installation. The report also included suggested potential water trail routes, complemented with rich photographic material.