Creation of a new monitoring station and implementation of the monitoring program for the priority habitat 1120: Posidonia beds (Posidonia oceanica) at the coastal area of Pervolia – Kiti in Larnaca, based on the requirements of the European WFD (60/2000/EC)

2 months (September 2016 – November 2016)

Funded by:
Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (Republic of Cyprus)

Project Description:
MER was contracted by the DFMR to set up a monitoring station for the biological quality element Posidonia oceanica at Cape Kiti and to collect baseline data and assess the ecological status of the coastal water basin using the PREI Water Framework Directive (WFD) index.

This project included the setting up of three permanent monitoring systems at 15 m depth, estimation of shoot densities using quadrats (total of 60 replicates in 0.16 m2, the collection of 90 P. oceanica shoots and later phenological analysis to determine foliar surface per shoot, measurement of epiphyte:leaf dry mass ratio, the identification of the lower limit depth and assessment of the type of limit. Data were processed and PREI was applied to assess the ecological status score of the water basin based on the WFD (2000/60/EC).

A research report with the analyzed data, complemented with rich photographic material and video was submitted to DFMR in November.

A trailer of the project can be viewed here.