Characterization of the marine environment at Moni coastal area and impact assessment to complement an Environmental Impact Assessment (20/2015) for the construction and operation of a combined-cycle power plant

ca 4 months (August 2015 – November 2015)

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Project Description:
MER was contracted by Topomaster to conduct a specialized nearshore marine survey and collect data that were requested by the competent authority to complement an EIA (20/2015) that was submitted for the construction of a combined-cycle power plant (230 MW) and an associated desalination unit.

MER carried out a bibliographic review to collect and analyze background data, characterized physico-chemical sediment variables, identified marine flora and fauna (including macrofauna), mapped priority habitats: reefs and Posidonia oceanica meadows, and assessed the ecological status and the impacts that would likely be induced to the coastal marine environment. The report also included mitigation measures and suggestions and was complemented with rich photographic and video material.

The complementary EIA report was submitted late in 2015 to the competent authority, the Department of Environment of Cyprus.

A short trailer with the towed diver transect can be viewed here.