Duration of Internship: September 2021 – November 2021

B.Sc. Marine Biology, University of Plymouth (2019 – 2023)

During Phoebe’s undergraduate placement year, she completed a 3-month internship with us at MER to gain valuable Field, lab and desk work experience. During her time at MER phoebe took part in a wide range of projects including the mapping and evaluation of important marine habitats such as Posidonia oceanica meadows, sea caves and the monitoring of Artificial reefs.

Phoebe also assisted in several projects monitoring invasive and alien species in the Eastern Mediterranean. These included carrying out Lionfish and Cornetfish dissections (Stomach content analysis and associated index calculations, otolith removal and reproductive staging) and the write up of their potential bio controllers as part of the ReLioMed project. She also contributed to bibliographic write ups for invasive algal species and calculated their percentage coverage using photoquad. Additionally, she worked on monitoring the impacts of fish farms on surrounding marine ecosystems through Granulometry practices, organic matter analysis and the taxonomic sorting of benthic macrofauna.  Some of the field research Phoebe participated in included the mapping of sea caves, marine litter surveys, ichthyoplankton samplings around artificial reefs in MPA’s and assisted in the proposal of a new marine protected area through documenting marine biodiversity.

Phoebe had lots of opportunities to improve laboratory practices including: Fish dissections and their morphometrics, taxonomy practice of Mediterranean fish found around artificial reefs, and carrying out P. oceanica biometrics and their epiphyte biomass. She also Collaborated with the researchers and other interns on producing several scientific write ups for marine alien and invasive species, seagrass importance and finally the ‘Blue Limassol’ environmental risk assessment contributing to the impacts and management of aquaculture, fisheries, sewage and solid waste sectors

She stated “This internship has allowed me to work on a variety of projects, providing me with valuable field, lab and desk work skills, enhancing my knowledge within the marine sector. I am grateful for the amazing team at MER, and am excited to continue my career in the marine biology field.”