BSc Environmental Biology and Education, University of Brighton, United Kingdom, 2011 – 2014
MSc Sustainable Aquaculture, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom, 2014 – 2017 
PhD student, Marine Sciences, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, 2018 – Ongoing

Periklis Kleitou holds a BSc in Environmental Biology and Education (University of Brighton, UK) (2011-2014) and an MSc in Sustainable Aquaculture (University of St Andrews, UK) (2014-2017). During his first degree (2011-2014), he was also working part-time at MER Lab, while since 2014; he started working full-time and concurrently attended a distance-learning MSc. Since  2018, he started working and conducting a part-time PhD with the University of Plymouth (UK). 

He has been involved and participated in several research programmes/projects related to the marine ecosystem, collection and analysis of fishery and biological data, monitoring of non-indigenous species, evaluation of anthropogenic impacts, environmental monitoring and impact assessments, habitat mapping and baseline surveys, sustainable aquaculture development as well as actions related to the dissemination and increase of public awareness on environmental issues.

He holds good relationships with stakeholders, such as fishers, divers, aquaculture farmers, local and public bodies. He is a certified diver (FDI Free Diver, PADI Advanced Diver, PADI Deep Dive), boat captain, certified for offshore work (BOSIET including HUET and EBS training, and BOSIET with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System) and first-aid qualified while during his compulsory military service in Cyprus (2009-2011), he graduated first of the 70th Navy Seal school. In addition to his work at MER and University of Plymouth, he is strongly participating in the Greek NGO iSea (Environmental Organisation for the Preservation of the Aquatic Ecosystems); being also a member of its Board for the past years.

His primary research interests include blue growth, marine conservation, citizen science, invasive alien species, ecology and natural capital.

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