New video published – Monitoring Marine Protected Areas

January 2024

Cyprus’ Natura 2000 areas are not just stunning; they are biodiversity hotspots, home to unique species and ecosystems.

Last year, we finalized another important project related to monitoring biodiversity within three marine protected areas (Natura 2000) of Cyprus with a focus on non-indigenous species.

The project titled as “Baseline survey and monitoring of Non-Indigenous Species in the Marine Protected Areas of Lara/Toxeftra, Peyia Sea Caves and the Natura-2000 Thalassia Periochi Moulia in Cyprus (Contract 35/2020)” with Contracting Authority the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research was co-funded by the Operational Programme “Thalassa 2014-2020” (75% by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and 25% by National Resources).

More details can be found on the project website.

Our latest video takes you on an underwater journey, showcasing efforts to monitor and protect these precious ecosystems. Watch the full video here and dive into the word of marine conservation! .