New project – Environmental monitoring of Vasilikos LNG


We are excited to announce the launch of an important new project that aims to monitor and mitigate potential environmental impacts of a significant development in the energy sector of Cyprus. The Vasilikos LNG Receiving and Regasification Terminal Project has officially begun and is set to continue throughout 2023 and beyond. This terminal will provide much-needed infrastructure for the import and distribution of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Cyprus and the surrounding region, helping to meet growing demand for cleaner energy sources.

This critical project, led by MER Research, will focus on environmental monitoring during the construction of the Vasilikos LNG terminal. As part of the construction process, the project will include comprehensive monitoring of water quality, noise levels, and ecological variables, and real-time buoy-based monitoring of environmental factors such as waves, currents, temperature, and turbidity. This monitoring will be conducted throughout the construction process to ensure that the project is carried out in an environmentally responsible manner, minimizing any potential impacts on local ecosystems.

The Vasilikos LNG Receiving and Regasification Terminal Project is an exciting and important development for the energy sector, and we look forward to sharing updates on its progress throughout 2023 and beyond. Stay tuned for further updates as this project continues to unfold.

Read about the project here: Project description – Environmental monitoring of Vasilikos LNG