Marine Environmental Baseline Paralimni Marina Village Project

IACO Environmental & Water Consultants Ltd commissioned Marine and Environmental Research (MER) Lab Ltd on 20/06/2018 to prepare an Environmental Baseline survey and Impact Assessment for the marine environment as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study for the development of the Paralimni Marina Project near the existing Paralimni port (Golden Coast). The EIA will be accompanied with the Masterplan Design and an Application for a Town Planning Permit.

To date, MER Lab Ltd prepared the Marine Environmental and Baseline Survey. The research team collected and evaluated data relevant to the broader study area from bibliographic sources, which included information on the existing marine biological environment (habitats, marine flora – fauna, ecological quality). In addition, field surveys were conducted, with a primary focus on the biological (identification of marine organisms to determine species richness), ecological status of the existing area, size class composition of the sediment across several sites, the physicochemical components of the sediment and water column, as well as the description of habitats within the study area using visual surveys, acoustic and satellite mapping. The results of the field work were analysed with appropriate statistical analyses.


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