Key Services that MER offers include:

  • Preparation of specialized reports which include executive summary, review of literature, clear interpretation of biological data, use of appropriate statistical analyses, mapping of biological metrics and biotopes, interpretation of conservation value, potential impacts and recommendations.
  • Data collection and analysis of abiotic environmental characteristics (habitat) in marine water and sediment. The physicochemical parameters that can be investigated by MER include among others: nutrient concentrations, particulate and dissolved organic matter, temperature, current speed and direction, salinity, turbidity, pH, redox, granulometry, heavy metal concentrations and other physical and chemical variables.
  • Data collection and analysis of biotic characteristics (marine communities). Our researchers can classify marine prokaryotes, producers (phytoplankton, macroalgae, seagrass) and consumers (zooplankton, invertebrates, bony and cartilaginous fish, reptiles, mammals) and can evaluate species interactions with emphasis given on protected and invasive species
  • Ecological Quality Assessment using valid WFD biotic (BQEs: phytoplankton, seagrass, macroalgae, macrofauna) and abiotic indexes
  • Marine habitat mapping using acoustic devices, remote sensing and aerial imagery, ground-truthing data and software like ArcGIS and SonarWiz
  • Identification of threats to protected species and priority habitats
  • Risk Assessments
  • Design and implement pollution prevention, management, monitoring, mitigation, restoration and conservation plans
  • Provision of consulting services to the authorities
  • Underwater operations including sample and data collection, video and photography


Unlike the terrestrial environment which is more easily accessed and monitored, carrying out research work in the marine environment is sometimes a taunting task and involves high risk. Researchers around the globe are just beginning to appreciate the complexities and significant roles of marine ecosystems. This area of research has recently received a great deal of attention in developed coastal countries. Even though Cyprus is an island with an extensive coastline, marine ecological research is limited.

Ecology is one of the main areas of MER’s expertise. Our team composed of Marine Ecologist and Biodiversity specialists has executed several ecological studies in the past mainly in the marine environment. We bring together data from surveys and analyses using our advanced software to deliver high quality marine data, clearly presented.