Key Services that MER offers include:

  • Bibliography reviews and report write-up
  • Marine survey design and implementation
  • Analysis and reporting for marine licensing and environmental monitoring and research projects
  • Marine sample collection and analysis (includes a full suite of physical, chemical and biological samples in marine sediment and water)


MER’s team has been conducting marine surveys, analysing samples and reporting on data prior and post MER’s foundation. We have analyzed marine samples from many areas around the coastal waters of south Cyprus. MER’s team of marine specialists supported with leading-edge sample recording technology can collect and process samples in situ efficiently and accurately. For field equipment see Field Work and Sample Collection. Our laboratory is well equipped to undertake all stages of marine flora and fauna analysis from sample sieving and sorting to species identification with advanced microscopes/stereoscopes (Olympus and Leica) and identification keys. In addition a selection of equipment and apparatus such as a laboratory fluorometer (Trilogy Turner Designs), pH meter and other sensors, distiller, muffle furnace, drying oven, Octagon sieve shaker and sieves, sensitive balances, desiccators, Gilson pipettes, glassware, chemicals and others allow prompt and reliable analysis of physicochemical variables of the marine environment. MER follows best practice guidelines and uses a dull suite of data handling and analytical software packages to deliver the highest resolution of consistent data.