Duration of Internship: October 2018 – March 2019
Funded by ERAMSUS+

B.Sc Biological Engineering, University Institute of Technology, St Pierre, Reunion Island (2016-2018)

Julie undertook a 6-month internship at MER Lab through the Erasmus+ program. During her time at MER, Julie covered a range of topics related to marine biology and ecology. The first three months, she spent a lot of time in the field (either scuba-diving or snorkelling), as part of the RECONNECT project. Additionally, Julie carried out laboratory work relevant to biological sample processing, species morphometrics, as well as fixing and storing biological material. Julie, further participated and coordinated the laboraty’s offshore deepsea macrofauna team efforts, where she conducted benthic macrofauna sorting, trained and supervised her colleagues. Lastly but not least, Julie worked with data processing and contributed to several projects’ deliverables.

Overall her internship was enthralling, providing her a great opportunity to work with many people of various backgrounds and had her English language skills improved vastly.

Julie is very grateful to MER and all the people she worked with at the time, for all the valuable lessons and the overall experience.

My internship in Cyprus was very enriching. I learnt a range of skills at MER over the 6 months of my internship. They taught me a lot about Marine Biology, along with project management. All the projects developed my ability to organise, anticipate and meet deadlines. MER’s work is of top quality and the employees work hard to make the marine life better and to protect it. MER gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people, who I am still in contact with today! Thank you, MER.