IRSAI Kick Off – Integrating Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence to monitor maritime activities across Limassol Bay

On Wednesday 07/06 we had our kick-off meeting for our ground-breaking project in Limassol!

Limassol, known for its vibrant maritime sector and sentinel location, is facing an increasing threat from anthropogenic spillages in its coastal waters. These incidents not only endanger marine ecosystems but also impact the quality of life and economy of the region.

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Frederick University and the CYENS Center of Excellence, along with the support of key stakeholders such as the Municipality of Limassol, to launch IRSAI (Integrated Robotics for Surveillance and Artificial Intelligence). Our goal is to revolutionize maritime surveillance in Cyprus and go beyond the state-of-the-art.

IRSAI, coordinated by MER, brings together a diverse team of computer scientists, robotics experts, maritime specialists, marine scientists, and managers. By harnessing their collective expertise, we aim to develop a novel dual solution that will transform the surveillance capabilities of Limassol Bay, one of Cyprus’ most critical maritime areas.

The IRSAI project will showcase three ground-breaking innovations: 1️⃣A professional surveillance drone integrated with special sensors and artificial intelligence, enabling automatic identification of vessel locations and potential pollution spillages. 2️⃣ An agile Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) equipped with a camera, programmed to travel to targeted sites, detect oil presence, and retrieve contaminated water samples. 3️⃣A state-of-the-art dispersion model that leverages real-time spillage information from the drone, combined with high-resolution real-time data, to predict spillage trajectories and backtrack to potential sources.

These cutting-edge tools will operate remotely, in real-time, day and night, surpassing current surveillance methods in terms of tactical effectiveness, accuracy, speed, safety, and cost-efficiency.

The positive impact of IRSAI extends beyond the project itself. By safeguarding sustainable blue growth and benefiting the community, our innovative solution paves the way for a brighter future in maritime surveillance.

Find more about the project here: IRSAI Project