Increasing awareness about invasive species through the press – “The Telegraph” and “Proti Ekpompi”

MER continue increasing awareness and educating the public about the introduction of non-indigenous species (NIS), their impacts, and the role of citizens in helping monitor and combat invasive species.

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Specifically, on September we met with Telegraph journalist, Mr Nick Squires, in Cyprus and we discussed the problem of invasive species spread, met with fishers and authorities, and elaborated on our efforts to control them; including RELIONMED project. We focused on the presence and impacts of pufferfish species and lionfish in the Mediterranean and highlighted the role of regional cooperation in tackling their widespread domination.

Furthermore, on the 24th of September 2021, we have been invited and talked at the radio show “Proti Ekpompi” (of the “Radio Proto” channel) with Mr Lazaros Pavlos, Mr Marios Poullados, and Mr Christos Michalaros. It was a great opportunity to approach a large audience in a morning show and discuss their role in mitigating the impacts of NIS.

We’re grateful to the press for the constant support and contribution in this matter.

A short story of the Telegraph article is available in the following link: