Duration of Internship: July 2017 – October 2017
Funded by ERAMSUS+

B.Sc. Ecology and Environmental Management, Klaipeda University, Lithuania (2013-2017)

A philosopher St. Augustine once said: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Ieva always keeps this quote in mind and tries to utilise opportunities to travel abroad and learn as much as possible. Since she was in second year of her studies she went to Algarve University in Portugal for Erasmus studies where she got keen on exploring the world. She carried out an internship at the Aquatic Laboratory of Parma University in Italy and she became interested in aquatic ecology.

Following her graduation, her interests in marine ecology grew further during her internship at MER Lab in Cyprus. Ieva was part of our team for 4 months. She got involved in many activities of MER team and her positive energy was a merit to the team. Her thesis was based on macrofauna and macrophytes effect to biogeochemistry so she expressed enthusiasm and interest in the local marine species of flora and fauna that she encountered. Her best time in Cyprus was during field expeditions, which lasted for 2 weeks in Natura 2000 marine sites (Cape Greco and Nisia). She participated in the underwater surveys and had a chance to inspect the biota closely and in their natural environment. She also appreciated the fact that she had a chance to meet many scientists from all over the world e.g. Israel, Spain, Australia, England that happened to visit MER’s facilities during Ieva’s internship.

Ieva feels that her internship experience with MER has helped her clarify her career objectives and she now aims to continue her studies and carry out an MSc programme related to marine biology.

Contact at ievacaraite@gmail.com