Duration of Internship: March 2023 – May 2023

B.Sc. Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, University of Plymouth (2020 – 2024)

Angharad completed a 3-month internship with MER as part of her placement year for her Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology undergraduate degree at Plymouth University. With a keen interest in animal behavior, ecophysiology, and a love for fieldwork, particularly scientific diving, Angharad sought to gain diverse experience in the marine biology field with an organization involved in various aspects of the discipline.

During her placement, Angharad was focused on developing and learning new skills. She arrived at the office with a strong determination to learn and achieve as much as she could. Always prepared for any task assigned to her, she consistently sought out additional and varied tasks to broaden her scientific knowledge and skill set. Throughout her time at MER, Angharad made significant progress in her work, engaging in a range of projects that stretched both within and beyond her comfort zone, including tasks that were less interesting or time-consuming. However, she embraced every task with enthusiasm, always eager to acquire new skills.

She showed a deep interest in Posidonia oceanica and the effects of climate change on its flowering and fruiting, as well as in participating in scuba diving surveys of the seagrass beds. Angharad also found learning about fish farms and their operational processes in relation to MER fascinating. One of the most intriguing aspects of her placement was the process of proposal writing for projects. She contributed significantly to writing a proposal for a community-run committee for the potential MPA at Akrotiri, conducting extensive research into the committee’s function and strategies for success.

She stated, “My placement with MER equipped me with a wide range of skills, from writing and lab work to fieldwork. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with MER and I am grateful for all the experiences and skills acquired, which I am confident will be invaluable throughout my future career.