Duration of Internship: January 2022 – June 2022

B.Sc. Global Challenges: Earth, Energy & Sustainability, Leiden University College (2017 – 2020)
MSc, Marine Resources Science, Conservation & Innovation, Université Côte d’Azur (2020 – 2021)

Flo carried out a 6-month internship and thesis at MER for the final semester of her international and interdisciplinary master’s degree program. She chose MER as her internship organization to gain hands-on experience in marine consultancy and research, while working with the small, family-like community of Cypriot local marine scientists that make up MER. During her time at MER, she contributed to a diverse range of projects, from working with data to working with fish. She is grateful for everything her colleagues taught her and for all the field, lab, and desk work opportunities she was given.

At the field, Flo became someone we could really count on for scientific diving missions as well as snorkelling surveys, water sampling, and ichthyoplankton surveys. She would happily join us for consecutive days at sea regardless of the task. Whether we were deploying sensitive equipment, conducting fish surveys, sampling sediments, or monitoring seagrass, Flo managed to stay organized, professional, and helpful under pressure and in all weather conditions.

Aside from improving her general boat and diving skills, she also developed her species identification abilities and produced an identification guide for benthic species related to one of MER’s biodiversity assessment projects. Flo was also involved in everything ranging from scientific writing to data processing and analysis, assisting with outreach presentations, producing visuals and graphics for proposals, and conducting fish, macrofauna, and seagrass analyses in the lab. After quickly learning to use and becoming proficient in PhotoQuad software, we entrusted Flo with managing a team of interns to process photo-quadrat data.

For her master’s thesis, Flo showed great capacity to work independently while researching human impacts on the blue carbon potential of macroalgae. Together with fellow interns, she collected data along Limassol’s breakwaters and individually analyzed them using exceptional statistical and data visualization skills. She is still very grateful to her supervisors, for all their guidance and administrative help, and to everyone at MER for their warm welcome.