Key Field Equipment/Services that MER offers include:

  • Striper 26.5 WA field vessel equipped with winches and acoustic devices
  • Advanced dive gear including Ocean Reef underwater communication
  • Sony HDV 1080I mini-DV and underwater housing for recording videos
  • Canon Rebel Xti and Ikelite housing with DS160 strobe for underwater photography
  • Idronaut 316Plus CTD equipped with external battery for measurements of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, redox, pH, pressure, and temperature in the water at selected vertical profiles and time intervals.
  • Turner designs Cyclops 7 submersible sensors on a C6th multi-sensor platform equipped with external battery to measure chl.a in vivo, phycoerythrin (cyanobacteria), turbidity, CDOM (dissolved organic matter), refined fuels, and crude oil at selected vertical profiles and time intervals.
  • KC Denmark Van Veen grab for collection of sediment at soft substrate
  • Corers to take sediment samples
  • KC Denmark sediment trap station for collecting deposited particulate matter
  • KC Denmark Van Dorn water sampler and other samplers for collecting water from specific depths
  • YSI for temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen measurements
  • pH meter for recording pH and mV
  • RDCP 600 current meter for the long-term collection of depth, temperature, and current speed and direction
  • C-Max CM2 Side Scan Sonar system for high resolution sea floor mapping. Could be used for a range of purposes such as, biotope mapping, exploration, finding wrecks or drowned victims, and detecting damaged submerged pipes.


MER’s team includes highly qualified divers with experience in carrying out underwater coastal surveys and collection of data. An array of cutting edge equipment and sensors are used to collect high resolution data and samples in a reliable manner. Some of these sensors carry external batteries thus they can collect in situ data for prolonged periods of time.