Duration of Internship: February 2023 – April 2023

B.Sc. Marine Biology, University of Plymouth (2020 – 2024)

During Elizabeth’s placement year for her undergraduate course in Marine Biology, she completed a three-month internship with us at MER to develop her skills in lab work, fieldwork, and scientific writing. Throughout her placement, Elizabeth engaged in a range of projects, including lab-based sample processing, field data collection, and contributing to scientific publications and materials aimed at the general public.

Elizabeth honed her field skills by regularly assisting in boat work, collecting water samples, and also by conducting land-based sampling from salt lakes. This involved aiding in the retrieval and redeployment of turbidity sensors and maintaining other equipment. The boat-based work not only provided her with practical experience but also an understanding of the procedures and maintenance involved in using a boat for scientific purposes. In the lab, she undertook various tasks, such as granulometry and the filtration of water samples.

Collaborating frequently with other interns, Elizabeth produced significant work. She contributed to a literature review on the success of committees overseeing MPA projects and identified key factors of success in past MPA endeavors, as part of the initiative to establish a new MPA in the Akrotiri area. Additionally, Elizabeth was involved in interpreting acoustic data and writing sections of a report presenting the findings, processing 23 hours of deep-sea ROV footage for signs of biological activity, reviewing and editing various reports, and creating figures, infographics, posters, and leaflets for public communication.

She stated, “Completing an internship at MER gave me the opportunity to utilize and greatly develop my skills and knowledge in the marine field. It also provided me with insight into how different areas of the industry operate. During my time, I had the chance to work alongside the wonderful team at MER as well as fellow interns, which only enhanced my experience at the company.”