Duration of Internship: August 2018 – December 2018
Funded by ERAMSUS+

B.Sc Coastal and Marine Management, van hall Larenstein – University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands (2015-2019) 

Demy Mollink, a third year Dutch Coastal and Marine Management student, completed his 5-month internship with MER. During this time, we got to know him as hard working, ambitious and always joyfull.

Conducting his own research, Demy looked at the fluorescent properties of the Pterois miles and compared these to the properties of the Pterois volitans. Besides this, he also joined three of other MER’s project, including RELIONMED, RECONNECT and the Paralimni Marina Environmental Baseline Survey. Within the frame of these projects, he conducted numerous scuba & free dives concerning lionfish removals, biodiversity surveys and quantification of litter along transects; sampled sediment and seawater; sorted macrofauna; performed granulometry analysis data and carried out statistical analysis using R-studio.

After finishing his internship, Demy will start his Thesis project, which is the final step towards graduation of his 4-year bachelors.

He stated: “During my time at MER I learned a lot of new and different things. I had an awesome time and would recommend an internship with MER to everybody. The people that I had the pleasure to work with where great and I’m going to miss them. It was like Demetris Kletou said to me on my first day, MER Lab is like a family.”