BSc Environmental Science and Sustainability, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom 2016-2020
MSc Environmental Pollution and Remediation, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom 2020-2021


Joining the scouts at a very young age, Christina has always been close to nature which has driven her passion for the protection of the natural environment.

Christina Makri received a BSc in Environmental Science and Sustainability (University of Glasgow, UK) and an MSc in Environmental Pollution and Remediation (University of Aberdeen, UK).

During her studies, she was involved in projects with topics on heavy metal dispersion and contamination around the historic mining site of Wanlockhead (Scotland) and she examined the effect of ion competition on cobalt toxicity to microbial sensors (E. coli).

She has also carried industrial research where she was involved in sampling, experimental design, laboratory work and analysis of primary data for the evaluation of chemical oxidation products used in the remediation of hydrocarbon pollutants in soils and groundwater.

She has a broad knowledge of the environmental field including impact assessments, environmental management, ecological conservation and remediation technologies.

She joined MER early in 2023 aiming to expand her knowledge on marine environmental aspects.


Contact at cmakri@merresearch.com