BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2011-2014
MSc Integrated Coastal Management, University of Aegean, Greece, 2018-Ongoing

Charalampos is a passionate Environmental Scientist always looking for an excuse to be underwater. He is fascinated by the marine environment and everything in it, he spends most of his free time exploring the depths of the sea either freediving or scuba diving, whilst trying to understand the niches of marine organisms. He is a highly capable diver and has an exceptional capacity holding his breath underwater.

Since his graduation from the University of Birmingham in 2014, he has worked as an independent contractor for the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research of Cyprus as a regional observer for longline fishing vessels reporting for ICCAT any infringements during fishing practices as well as gathering scientific data and keeping catch records of each fishing vessel. He also participated in an ICCAT regional observer program for caging bluefin tunas reporting any infringements during the transfer of live bluefins from open waters to fish farms in Malta.

Charalampos has been employed in Marine and Environmental Research (MER) Lab Ltd (Cyprus) on a part time basis since 2015 and as from September 2017, he started working on a full-time basis. Moreover, he participated in several projects related to the marine ecosystem, collection and analysis of fishery and biological data, monitoring of non-indigenous species, evaluation of anthropogenic impacts, environmental monitoring and impact assessments, habitat mapping and baseline surveys, as well as actions related to the dissemination and increase of the public awareness on environmental issues.

He is a certified scuba diver (NAUI: Deep diver),free diver (AIDA: 3 Star), licenced  skipper and first aid qualified; in addition he holds a BOSIET with CA-EBS certificate making him capable to work on offshore environments.

His primary research interests include the blue growth development, sustainable aquaculture, fisheries management and invasive species.

Contact at cantoniou@merresearch.com