Duration of Internship: January – March 2022 & July – September 2022

B.Sc. Marine Biology, University of Plymouth, UK (2019-2022)

Cameron worked as an intern with us for a total duration of 6 months. During this period, he assisted on most projects that were being carried out during his time with us. This included the finalization of RELIONMED deliverables, conducting background research and developing mitigation measures for the consultation of the EastMed pipeline project, seagrass monitoring, guitarfish tagging, macrofauna sorting, conducting fish surveys via snorkeling or scuba diving, sediment sampling for quality measures, and conducting background research to support the creation of a Marine Protected Area (Akrotiri Peninsula). He led the preparation of lionfish traps and he carried out several surveys to assess their effectiveness.

Cameron is self-sufficient and a reliable member of the team, completing tasks on time and to a high standard. He completed a manual with troubleshooting for the use of our visualization and analysis camera and software, Image Pro Plus, and he managed to identify and fix the problem that was causing it to malfunction. His presence in the water as a dive buddy was always reassuring; his attention to safety and detail fostered a trust that is crucial in such environments. In the field, Cameron displayed natural leadership qualities, combining his scientific knowledge with a practical approach to problem-solving.

Cameron’s personal statement: “Working as an intern at Marine and Environmental Research lab (MER lab) has not only provided with an exceptional amount of hands-on experience that I can apply to my future, it has provided me with a genuine insight into the lifestyle of a marine biologist. I have not only learnt and advanced on both my laboratory and fieldwork skills, I have learnt how to appropriately apply these skills when planning and carrying out research. This internship has not only given me experience it has given me an advantage for my future giving me access to vital stepping stones into the world of research. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I was blessed with to work with the team at MER. If you wish to gain real-life experience and understand the crucial fundamentals to private research, MER will provide you with it.”