RELIONMED project announcement

New project, funded under the EU LIFE instrument, aiming to prevent lionfish expansion in the Mediterranean We are proud to announce that our proposal titled ‘RELIONMED’ aiming to REmove LIONfish from the MEDiterranean has been approved by the EU’s financial instrument LIFE. As the initiator and the major driving force behind the proposal, MER will […]

Lionfish invasion in Mediterranean

Lionfish are increasing their abundance and are reproducing in the Mediterranean which is alarming We are proud to announce that our manuscript titled ‘A lionfish (Pterois miles) invasion has began in the Mediterranean Sea‘ has finally got published in Marine Biodiversity Records. It can be accesed here. The article shows evidence that the lionfish have colonised […]

Sponge cultivation trials have started

Trials with cultivating bathing sponges near the net cages of Seawave Fisheries Ltd fish farm in Cyprus have started. These sponge trials are the last of a series of experiments where filter feeder marine invertebrates and detritivores were cultivated around a fish farm at south Cyprus. We have so far experimented with mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis), […]

Massive fish kills in Athalassa Lake

Phytoplankton analyses (composition, abundance and biomass) were carried out in water samples from Athalassa lake, Nicosia. The first sample was taken at the end of February (27/02/2014) and the second, at the beginning of March (04/03/2014). A report with our results was prepared and delivered at the 10th of March, to the Department of Forests […]

MER starts fisheries data collection

“Collection of pelagic fishery data in accordance with the Regulation 199/2008” has been assigned to MER – A.U.Th. Consortium. The agreement that marks the initiation of the project was signed on 28th of April 2014 between the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research of Cyprus and MER. For more details please read project’s description.

Salt water lakes of Cyprus

A new two-year project was recently acquired by MER, concerning the ‘Identification of reference conditions in lake water bodies and update of the classification of water body types, according to the WFD 2000/60/EU‘. The agreement that marks the initiation of the Tender (06/2013) was signed on early November 2013 between the Water Development Department of […]

Fish Farm Monitoring Reports

Semi-annual environmental monitoring of five Cypriot fish farms completed and reports submitted to the authorities MER has successfully submitted to the National Authorities (Department of Fisheries and Marine Research – DFMR and Department of Environment – DoE), the Environmental Monitoring Reports for the aquaculture companies Seawave Fisheries Ltd, Blue Island PLC, EMAT Ltd, Telia Aqua […]

Content of Free Educational Seminars

Six seminars were successfully organized and presented around Cyprus by MER in November 2013  ‘To promote fresh fishery and aquaculture products of Cyprus’. These educational seminars were funded by the National Operational Programme for Fisheries 2007-2013 and the European Fisheries Fund. The presentations given in Greek language can be downloaded here: Introduction to Seminar Biology […]