BSc Biology, University of St Andrews, Scotland (UK), 2018-2022
MSc Marine Systems and Policies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland (UK), 2022-2023

Angelos has a BSc in Biology (University of St Andrews, Scotland), and a MSc in Marine Systems and Policies (University of Edinburgh, Scotland).  He is also a certified SCUBA diver (PADI Advanced Open Water).

During his undergraduate studies, Angelos has mainly been involved in projects related to conservation and animal behaviour. He had the opportunity to volunteer for Archelon, the sea turtle Protection society of Greece where he was involved in the protection and study of both nesting and foraging habitats of Green and Loggerhead turtles.  He also participated in an externship with the National Geographic Society and the Nature Conservancy where he created and presented a story map on sea turtle conservation in Cyprus.

For his MSc, he collaborated with the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC), and other stakeholders, to identify knowledge gaps on the impacts of salmon mariculture waste in Scotland.  His project also investigated how increasing fish biomass production has affected farms’ probability to pass their monitoring assessments and investigated potential innovative farm designs that could help prevent the release of salmon waste into the marine environment.

Angelos is an advocate for sustainable marine growth through appropriate spatial planning and development of impact assessments.  His interests range from mariculture development, the conservation of protected species and habitats, the prevention and mitigation of human impacts, and science communication.

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