About us

MER is an established SME composed of highly qualified, motivated, young and experienced scientists that offers specialized research and consulting marine and environmental services.

Over the last 15 years, MER has successfully implemented many projects and research programs around coastal and offshore Cyprus in the fields of marine biology/ecology, aquaculture and fisheries. It currently leads and pioneers the marine research of Cyprus, acting as governmental consultant, and has close links with the fishery industry, divers, and other sea users.

We employ advanced scientific skills, analytical tools and practices in our methods and deliverables.

Our team is equipped with a full suite of field equipment to carry out underwater surveys, sampling and monitoring of physico-chemical and biological variables in the water column and benthos.

Our laboratory facilities are specially equipped to collect, analyze and process biotic and abiotic data, essential in marine environmental monitoring and research.

Our permanent team is composed of few individuals presented below and is complemented by several other experts who provide their support on a project-basis, depending on the project specifications.

We are distinguished by our approach in combining reliable services, hard work and commitment in providing high quality results.

Our Team

D. Kletou
Marine Biologist / Marine Ecologist
Sustainable Aquaculture / Marine Sciences
Biology / Marine Biodiversity & Conservation / Oceanography
Coastal and Marine Ecology
Biology / Fisheries Biology and Management
CM website[107102]
Biology / Marine Biology
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Marine Biology / Coastal Management
Environmental Education